The Personal Change Equation

We as a culture place a lot of emphasis on personal growth and change; however, it seems that very few understand how to move into an ongoing STATE of desired change. In this entry I hope to breakdown life CHANGE into a simple and revolutionary formula. Are you ready??? Well here it is. (E + T = DC) Do you feel the personal momentum already. I wouldn't think so anyhow. The expanded version of this equation is (Effort + Time = Desired Change). No its not revelutionary, but it is true. With many pop culture antics like, "The Secret", this equation seems insignificant, but how much would be missed if this equation isn't taken to heart. "The Secret" proposes that personal change lies with a better understanding of how the universe is at our beckon call to give us whatever we project and desire. I believe the unverse is responsive to us, like "The Secret", but in a far different manner. I believe that the universe is designed to respond to "Effort" exerted over "Time". So we take the equation and implement it into the realm of personal change. In order for my life to improve, I will need to exert focused "Effort" over a sustained period of "Time" (maybe even a lifetime), so that I may experience my "Desired Change". So if there are areas of your life that need growth and change, take a few moments, reflect on the effort that will be required... make a commitment to put in whatever time necessary... and celebrate the small desired changes that will be occurring on a daily basis. So the questions I leave you are: What are you going to do differently now?; How much effort are you willing to exert?, and; How passionate are you about your desired change? Oh yeah, don't forget you will have moments or days where you will fail in this, but harness those failure, learn from them and reapply yourself with a renewed sense of commitment.

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